[03 JUL | 1800z | EDDF] APP CPT - Roman Jantak

Thank you all for the congratulations! :) And I would like to also give a big thank you to all the mentors for getting me the training and feedback I needed to finally pass this CPT! It's been a long but fun journey since I joined the RG, I learned a ton and am thankful to everyone that helped me along the way. Sorry for sometimes being a pain often being the only one that doesn't quite have the German skills making everyone go English for me! :D I hope for many more fun controlling sessions with all of you now with an S3 rating and eventually I will maybe make my way up to the center positions as well.

Last but not least I would just like to thank everyone in the RG in all the other positions that keep the RG going in good shape and all the fellow controllers for being friendly and for the good cooperation and fun chats when controlling together.

I will be fairly inactive for the most of July, so really happy that I managed to get the rating upgrade before that but hopefully I can do a lot of controlling again afterwards finally not needing those solo phase extensions! :D