CSL funktionieren nicht

Naja, grundlegend ist eine Alpha Version eine interne Entwicklungsversion, bei der Bugs und Crashes deutlich häufiger auftreten können, da ggfs. diverse Features noch nicht ordentlich getestet wurden.
Bei xPilot ist die Alpha-Qualität allerdings derart gut, dass man eher von einer Beta sprechen könnte. Daher habe ich wenig Bauchschmerzen immer auf die aktuellste Alpha upzudaten.

Ansonsten sieht man in der Changelog ganz gut, was sich zwischen der Beta ( und der aktuellen Alpha bislang getan hat:

xPilot 1.3.7-Alpha - 04/29/2020
** Previously 1.3.6, but I forgot to include the new plugin in the installer **
- Fixed an issue (hopefully!) that causes a crash to desktop when xPilot tries to remove a remote aircraft
- Fixed issue with aircraft labels mirrored in Vulkan mode (aircraft labels were still visible if the camera view was turned 180°)
- xPilot will attempt to read the vertical offset value from the CSL object directly if an offset is not found in the xsb_aircraft.txt file
- Use true semantic versioning (major.minor.patch)

xPilot - 04/28/2020
- Redesigned Radio Messages Window (https://forums.vatsim.net/topic/27243-xpilot-alpha-1350-alpha-now-available/)
- Fixed imgui assertion crash

xPilot - 04/26/2020
- Fixed an issue that caused unwarranted text radio transmissions when using the Radio Messages window within X-Plane
- Aircraft labels are now positioned above aircraft instead of on the body of the aircraft

xPilot - 04/26/2020
- "Fetch From Server" button will now fetch a pre-filed the flight plan on first click
- Fix issue with aircraft "falling to the ground" when flaring on landing
- xPilot will now automatically disconnect if the xPilot X-Plane plugin becomes disabled (e.g. through a plugin manager)
- Refactored interop messaging (that's how xPilot communicates with the xPilot X-Plane plugin)
- Added missing spoiler/speed brake aircraft configuration property; this means you should now see if an aircraft deploys their spoilers/speed brakes (if their pilot client supports the aircraft configuration packet)
- General program stability improvements

xPilot - 04/19/2020
- The default CSL folder (Resources/plugins/xPilot/Resources/CSL) is no longer automatically added as an entry to the CSL Package configuration. Read more on the CSL Package configuration changes below.
- Added the ability to change aircraft label colors (5 additional predefined color options).
- Updated version check code. There is now an option specify which version channel (alpha, beta, stable) you want to use to check for updates.
- Statically link C++ runtime libraries which eliminates the need to download the latest Visual Studio C++ redistributable package.
- Miscellaneous performance tweaks.

xPilot Hotfix - 04/13/2020
- Fixes an issue that causes X-Plane to crash or hang of no CSL paths are defined or if the default CSL directory is empty.

xPilot - 04/13/2020
- Fixed issue that caused CSL packages inside the xPilot CSL folder to not be loaded. xPilot will also now look up to 5 folder layers deep for CSL packages.
- Aircraft labels now work in Vulkan mode.
- Fixed issue where aircraft labels would only show if toggled on and off.
- Added option to override the "Contact ATC" command

xPilot - 04/08/2020
- Fix character encoding of log file entries
- Fix issue that caused font artifacts in the Settings Window if the xPilot plugin was disabled and re-enabled through the plugin manager

xPilot - 04/08/2020
- Fix unahandled exception for users not running X-Plane 11.50 when xPilot tries to query whether Vulkan is enabled

xPilot - 04/08/2020
- X-Plane 11.50 Support (implements Instancing API for drawing aircraft objects)
- TCAS aircraft injected into default X-Plane map (CTRL + M)
- Add option to change VHF equalizer
- Plugin configuration moved to JSON format (config file now saved within the xPilot plugin folder). You will need to configure your CSL paths, etc. again.

xPilot - 01/24/2020
- Fixed issue with tuning the COM1 frequency by double-clicking on a frequency on the "Who's Online" window
- Fixed issue that could cause default ATIS to play even if disabled