iFly 737NG ND failure - 15° displaced displays (solved)

Hallo Leute,

weil mir immer noch ein großes Problem beim Fliegen im FS9 Ärger macht, poste ich hier einfach mal meine Anfrage im iFly-Forum. Eine Lösung ist nicht absehbar. Aber vielleicht hat ja einer von Euch eine zündende Idee. Hier also der Post:

Since a few weeks the whole ND track display and other symbols too are constantly twisted by about 15° to the left (and sometimes to the right) just as if the airplane would have huge crosswind (> than 50 kts) and the autopilot would have to turn the aircraft's nose 15° into the wind. But wind has nothing to do with it. It occurs constantly with or without any wind (deactivated). Rudder trim always is at zero.

And for instance during approach the runway symbols have a significant offset, which is decreasing constantly, as the rwy comes nearer.

All this doesn't occur with other aircraft like PMDG or the 737 PiC, so it is not a matter of the FS9.

I uninstalled and reinstalled the iFly several times - nothing changed. So I need your help.

P.S. No such failure with iFly 737NG in FSX. But I do like the FS9 and want to fly the iFly there.

Auf Wunsch hier der Link ins Forum von iFly (weiß nicht, ob das funktioniert)

Und so lautet die Lösung von John

"Your magnetic course is maybe corrupted.
Here the solution :
Heading magnetic incorrect :
Create a new folder in your ADD ON folder.
Call it whatever you like (mine is called "MagDec").
In this new folder create another one which MUST be called "scenery".
Into this folder "scenery" copy the file magdec.bgl (from the folder "X:\Flight Simulator9\scenery\base\scenery")
Tell FS9 you have a new scenery (under Settings, Add Area), and make sure this new scenery is at the top most level (Priority 1).
Try this first before doing anything else.
There are some very well meant advices in this thread which are probably not related to your problem (like the time based declination which is irrelevant to FS9).